It Requires the Heart–April 3, 2017

Hi Friends!

First of all, transfers are next week and I can’t believe it came so fast! Sister Hunt thinks we will both stay but then she has all these crazy dreams of me emergency transferring and leaving her again. haha, who knows. I seem to be a stayer.

I would like to quickly share a little miracle before the meat of this email. We watched one of the conference sessions at a members house with her roommate, Angie, whom we are teaching. Well, she just had another roommate move in and come to find out that she met a member at the mechanic shop about two months ago, who invited her to church and got permission to give her phone number to us. We had gotten a hold of her but then had lost contact when she went out of state, unsure of when she would return. So, we are back in contact with her and offered to help her finish her move-in, which she is really grateful for.
the Hermanas, Gucake and Jensen (left to right) and Sister Hunt and I… ready for Zone Conference
General Conference was a miracle for me. Not only did we have an investigator, Angie, watch some of the sessions with us but a less active family came to the chapel yesterday for one of the sessions. However, what was so amazing was that there were so many talks that felt like they were personalized responses to my pondering and questions. I tried to simplify my questions to two and it helped me see an important focus of building my faith and focusing on the Savior. Here are some of my notes. I won’t try and specify them to the talk:
~This is a spiritual work and the Lord directs it through His Spirit.
~Don’t be a burden to your companion, God or yourself.
~Deny yourself of UnGodliness
~God won’t accept your rationalizations but accepts YOU
~Repentant sinners draw closer to God than self righteous saints
~Think of your future in faith
~have Purpose of Heart and Diligence of Mind
~Focus on the Savior in EVERY thought.
~Become like Christ in your heart
~You know the part: sing it.
~You will be more at peace if you give all
~Don’t ever let the gospel become strange
~in overcoming, you are becoming
~Begin with the end in mind.
~Make sure you have a strong testimony of the savior
~Start now and be steady
~Your diligence now will strengthen your future family
~Act on the 1st prompting
~Refocus on the simple acts
~You are on an eternal Journey. Be patient.
~His love will replace your fear with faith
~Don’t follow the shame culture
~make sure you are loving those you teach
~Let it go and follow Him
~If you want the Spirit near, draw near to him
~Seek God’s will, not your own
~be a light to everyone
~God asks you to have faith so that He CAN give you miracles
the Sarasota Zone
We had the great opportunity to have a Zone Conference right before General Conference and it helped to to really ponder on what I am needing to change and focus on. We talked about de-cluttering, teaching repentance, finding constantly, consecration, goals, the importance of members, and how to always teach wherever we are. It was so much goodness packed in. What I really took out of it was the need to give 100% not just 99% and how it is much easier in the long run. I have felt that I have been giving 99% but jumping that last 1% can be the hardest but most rewarding leap of faith. It requires your heart. I have that desire and it will take a lot of faith but I have learned from this conference that that is what I need. If I want to give 100% I need to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ. As I do that, and as we all do that, our burdens will be lifted.
The Easter Initiative is called Prince of Peace and we are invited to learn of 8 Principles of Peace taught by the Prince of Peace. I am so excited for this. The video is amazing and the principles are so special and needed. Prince of Peace has always been my favorite title that the Savior holds because He has always calmed my troubled heart. I invited you all to watch the video on and go through all the principles and then share it. I also would like you to think of a distinct moment in your life where the Savior brought you peace. I promise that as you do this, more peace will flood into your heart. I love you!
Fight the Good Fight!
Sister Felt

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