Scars–April 17, 2017

Hi Friends!
We had matching water bottles and we thought it was cool.
First of all, HAPPY EASTER!!!
It seems like a whole month has been packed into one week. So much has happened! I think it will be easiest to go day by day with you all.
Monday: As you know, I got the call that I would be transferring and training a new missionary. It was stressful to pack up to say the least, but we got everything together eventually.
Tuesday: This was a hard day just because it was that in between limbo time of “i know where I am going but can’t go yet” but we had a miracle. We set a date with Brighton! Her mom is a member and her older sister got baptized at 10 6 years ago but she hadn’t been baptized yet and they hadn’t

Brighton is in the red and we set a date with her!

been to church in a while. Well, we had talked to her mom on the phone asking about how Brighton felt and she said that Brighton  has been wanting to be baptized for a while! Woohoo! We taught them about the Book of Mormon and then set a date in June for her to be baptized. I am sad I won’t be there to teach her more but I will definitely be going to her baptism. After all, I am only moving 30 minutes away.

M greenie
My greenie, Sis. Saunders

Wednesday: Transfer Day!! I had to be in Tampa at 8:30 for the training meeting. There were three sisters and two elders that came out and I got the Ginger companion! YES! Her name is Sister Saunders and she is from Riverton, UT. It was amazing to see how immediately we knew some of the reasons we were made companions. She struggles with some of the teaching skills I did when I came out and she was praying for an obedient trainer and was so grateful she got me because I was exactly what she needed. Little did she know that she is what I was praying for. I got the female, awesome version of Elder Calhoun from The Best Two Years (minus me being Elder Rogers

haha). She is so amazing. She is so diligent and ready to work and doesn’t even need a trainer in my opinion. She has helped me focus on my mission so much more and I am grateful.

The wonderful Sister Saunders 🙂
Thursday: We had a long day of planning, especially since we are both new to the Sarasota area but I am excited for this next transfer. I feel like there is a lot we need to do here and we just need to figure out what it is.
Friday: I had Missionary Leadership Council in Tampa today with my Sister Training Leader companion, who is still Hermana Jensen. So, I left my trainee just like mine left me! I felt so bad but I had full confidence in her. We talked at MLC all about baptism and how important it is to help people fully be prepared for it. I think we hear things so often that they become common place but that is how we start to forget and then grow pride and eventually go into apostasy. Baptism is so so so so so so so important. I can’t even put into words how important it is. We could do all the best things in the world and get rid of world hunger,

Dropping my stuff off at my new apartment on the way to getting my new companion! Sister Gessel and Alder both went up to the tampa zone. 😦

donate all we have to the poor and the needy but if we are not willing to make the covenants God asks of us at baptism by someone He has authorized to hold His priesthood, it will do nothing in the eternities. But I think one of the most important reasons He wants us to make those promises is so that we will be able to receive His gift to us, the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I still need to understand just how precious a gift that really is.

Saturday:We went to see a less active member and while there, talked to a woman who was seeding a neighbors yard next door. She wasn’t interested but told us to go see a woman that lived at the 2nd house by the pond. We headed over and there were two sides of the pond where there was a second house.

Last time with Sister Hunt as my companion. Sad day!

The first one we tried had a woman that wasn’t interested, but on the way to the second one, there were some people unloading a car with plants. We offered to help and talked to them for a bit. The woman just moved in and one of her employees, Austin, was there helping unload things. Turns out he recently moved from Tennessee and has gotten away from church but wants to get involved again. We invited him to church and he was really interested. We also gave him a pamphlet and got his number and address to teach him. You never know who is being put into your path.

Sunday: We went to about 6 hours of church. We went to the Sarasota ward and met so many people with so many new faces that I don’t know if I will remember half of them but it was good. We also went

We were called the Ginger Snaps haha

to the YSA Branch. They don’t have any missionaries assigned because they are all so spread out but they are so small and struggling to get people to come. We are trying to be there on Sundays to help bring some fire in and I hope we can do something to help. We had Easter dinner with a family from our assigned ward, the Gipsons and they are so great! The mom is an English major so we bonded ( her oldest daughter is named after Elizabeth Bennett! YEAH!) and the other two girls are so funny. The youngest is one of those stubborn types that tries to be hard on the outside but I can tell is soft and as we were leaving I told her it would be my transfer goal to get a big hug from her (she doesn’t give them often) and she said, “well, I like you so…” haha! mission accomplished! Sister Saunders and I both felt like we can help these girls get on fire for missionary work. I am excited!

So,  a lot happened but I wanted to end with a spiritual thought I got from one of the YSA

The Gipson family. they are so fun!

speakers. She was talking about the love Christ showed us through His Atonement and how we need to accept that sacrifice and share that love with others. But what stood out to me most was when she said. This isn’t a physical or temporal battle with the world. This is a spiritual battle. I heard that and thought back to my mission up to now and my biggest struggles were spiritual and still are. That is the way they are supposed to be. The things of the world pass away, including physical challenges. But the Spirit is eternal. That is what we are fighting for. Our Spirit and Soul. We know our bodies will be resurrected and made whole but what about our Spirits? Will they become whole from scars of sin? President Boyd K. Packer said in his April 2015 talk The Plan of Happiness,

This was in a mall bathroom. You wash your hands under the middle faucet and then the little metal wings shoot out air when you put your hands under. It was awesome!

“Our physical bodies, when harmed, are able to repair themselves, sometimes with the help of a physician. If the damage is extensive, however, often a scar will remain as a reminder of the injury. With our spiritual bodies it is another matter. Our spirits are damaged when we make mistakes and commit sins. But unlike the case of our mortal bodies, when the repentance process is complete, no scars remain because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The promise is: “Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more.””

I think of the Savior, who was the one who made it possible for our scars of sin to disappear and yet He decided to leave a physical scar in His resurrected, glorified body. Those prints in His hands and feet remind us of the injury He went through for us. He kept physical scars so we wouldn’t have to hold onto spiritual ones. How grateful I am for that love.
This was in a mall bathroom. You wash your hands under the middle faucet and then the little metal wings shoot out air when you put your hands under. It was awesome!

Fight the Great Fight!

Sister Felt

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