Never Going Home–May 8, 2017

Hi Friends!

First, I don’t know if I should say it a week before or the day after but…
HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! To all you mothers and women that influence families for good, whether they are biologically yours or not, you are amazing, loved and precious in God’s eyes.
In our District Meeting last Tuesday we talked about teaching to peoples needs and it was so great as a reminder that we need to teach how we would want to be taught. Christ always went one by one in His mortal ministry. He was there to help and save everyone and out of anyone, He knows that we ALL need His Gospel but he still focused and taught to the individuals. The Gospel is “one size fits all” but we are all introduced to it differently because we are different. This is why the Spirit is essential in teaching because He knows how the Gospel needs to be introduced and will tell us if we listen with love.
This is Tiffiny, the most amazing YSA member ever! and she was baptized just in January. We love her!
So, I mentioned Brandon last week. He is roommates with a couple we met and started teaching and was present for the lesson we had last Sunday. Well, we had a church tour last Thursday and it was so great. We went into the room with the Baptismal font and he opened up so much about how he really wants to change but wants to make sure he is doing it the right way. He has so many questions and doubts his faith but I know there is such genuine desire in him. He accepted to pray about June 17th to be baptized!
Prince is doing so great! As a reminder, he is the one we met when we were biking past his house and he let us in to share our message and accepted the invitation to be baptized on May 27. He has such a strong faith and wants to learn more and serve God to the best of his ability. He is so amazing and has such good insights. It is so fun to teach him the principles of the restored Gospel and to see him light up with new knowledge. He read in the Book of Mormon and when we asked if he felt he got an answer after praying, he told us he didn’t feel a specific answer but just felt like he needed to go to church and meet the people to see the Gospel in their lives. It made me think how many people have come to church seeking that and have I been a good example of one of those members who has the Gospel alive? Think about it.
To top it off, Brandon and Prince both came to church!  Prince, who accepted the invitation to be baptized, came to church and the family ward was great at fellow shipping him. He loved the classes and the people and is excited to come back. Then, in the YSA Branch, we were worried because there are so few people and we wanted to make sure Brandon was comfortable but he ended up getting along really well with one of the YSA guys and they exchanged numbers to hang out. We stayed for Linger Longer, a meal to break our fasts and it was so strange to be amongst YSAs but really fun. It was a great Sunday.
MLC May 2017 cropped
This was MLC. What was really cool was that we had a guest speaker. It was the Ward Mission Leader from my first area (tampa 2), Kasey Hess! His wife, Monica and their newborn daughter came as well. (they are on the very left of the picture. He is standing behind her.)
We had Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) last Friday and it was all about working with members to do missionary work. There were a few thoughts that came to mind and stuck out to me throughout the meeting. First, Do you FEEL it? The Majesty of the Message? We were  talking about the Spirit bearing witness to people of what we are teaching. A Spirit so powerful that people change their whole lives. Do we feel that? Do I feel that? As I thought about it, I know I have. Those moments where I knew the Spirit was testifying to them because He was testifying to me have been my favorite moments. Time and time again I have been privileged to feel that confirmation of the truth and it has been so comforting.
This lead to the next thought: Do you understand how lucky you are to be able to bear testimony of Christ? Hermana Jensen (my STL companion) wears her missionary badge to bed every night. I was confused but then she explained that this is the only time she can wear that badge and when she goes home, she can never put it on again so she wants to wear it as long as possible. That hit me. I have only a short time to be a full-time missionary. Do I understand how lucky I am? Then, my mind is comforted knowing that I will never be asked to take off the badge of my testimony  that is written on my heart. I can always bear testimony of Jesus Christ. Can you believe that? We can bear testimony that we KNOW that Christ lives, loves, and knows us and we know Him. I think that is still sinking in.
The last thought was to Bind yourself to be a good missionary for the rest of your life. One of the YSA members asked me if I was going to fall away after my mission and become another statistic and I said, “Not a chance” and yet that happens. So many missionaries go home saying, “I’m going to change forever!” and then something happens and they don’t. But, if we make the choice now and bind ourselves to be a missionary forever, then there is no going home, just another transfer. So, hate to break it to you family and friends but I am NEVER going home.
I love you!
Fight the Good Fight!
Sister Felt

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